Home Depot Contractor Referral Program

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Pro Xtra is The Home Depot`s loyalty program designed for professionals like you to save time, save money and get rewarded. Click here to learn more about the daily benefits of Pro Xtra. We consider GuildQuality to be a valuable platform for examining home improvement professionals, as it focuses on real-life project reviews and customer testimonials. BuildZoom consultants help users identify and list matching contractors with all communication, rating, and estimation documents in BuildZoom. Users can then compare and hire the best contractor for their work. There are not enough competent, reputable and reliable contractors to serve all homeowners who need to be renovated, so using a referral service for major home renovation work is extremely risky. The type of companies that subscribe to referral services is also a mixed bag. You can find large companies that are simply trying to increase their sales, as well as small businesses that are not qualified. Before considering a referral service, do a Google search for “Angi Reviews”, “Home Advisor Reviews” or “Redbeacon / Pro Referral Reviews” and you will see the many consumer complaints. If you want to renovate your home, I recommend using unbiased and trustworthy resources to verify contractors. This includes www.bbb.org, your local contractor`s licensing authority, local building officials, friends, neighbours and family. Fit Personality and Culture: Communication is crucial for a successful conversion project.

Make sure the contractor you work with is easy and convenient to communicate. I love the ProReferrals program and I didn`t think I needed the app as we can use email and a web browser as I have customer service representatives to do it. However, I love opening the app to see that all recommended clients have been supported. If they had never been, I could ask my staff why. Ensuring that our customers are served in a targeted manner is an important part of our service. Thanks for a tool that helps us with this! We`re pretty sure anyone who has owned a home in the last 2-3 years has heard of Houzz or used it. But in every way, if you`re reading this and you`ve never heard of the Houzz home design platform, it`s essentially the “Pinterest of home design.” Landlords and tenants can browse endless home design content aimed at educating researchers about the latest and greatest trends in the industry. Domain(s): Don`t choose a general contractor if you have a specialized project in mind. A renovator who excels at bathroom renovation may not be a good choice if you`re looking for an addition to the second floor. I have been a professional member of this program for several years.

Although we sometimes get decent work from prospects, only about 30-40% will actually respond when they are informed, and only 50% is legitimate work. In turn, many points/credits are wasted. They need points to get leads and have to spend money on in-store products to get points, so even if they claim it`s free, it really isn`t. Other issues since the last update are that the app continues to display notification badges, but there are no new leads or messages. It`s quite annoying. Also, no option to delete or archive closed work messages, so we still have a long list of old messages literally from 2017? In short, this app is very limited to browsing and managing. Hopefully, it will improve considerably soon. When looking for a home renovation or design-build contractor, there are several options available to you, some better than others.

Having the professional advice of a true expert can make all the difference. It is important to keep in mind that referral services are paid in one way or another to provide leads to entrepreneurs. Sometimes the cost per month is per geographic region, but it can also be by the individual prospect or a percentage of the overall contract. HomeAdvisor is even more dangerous than Angi because they don`t distinguish between contractors and renovation professionals. As long as an entrepreneur is willing to pay for leads, Home Advisor accepts them. Even worse, HomeAdvisor uses deceptive online strategies to redirect owners to their own network of entrepreneurs. Again, for large renovation projects where design and construction is the best approach, Home Advisor is not the place to be. Entrepreneur`s Business Profile: How long has the entrepreneur been in business? What do their customer reviews and testimonials say? Do they seem to have a strong track record? GuildQuality is primarily a software tool used by professionals in the home construction and renovation industry.