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Davidson said there is also another mechanism that will help the Greens publicly identify points of disagreement, even in their own portfolios. “This agreement is unlike any other. There is no need to reach a consensus. It allows parties to take their own positions on issues where this is important, but also proposes to work together in other areas,” Ardern said. On October 12, 2020, the government signed an agreement with Pfizer and BioNTech to purchase 1.5 million COVID-19 vaccines. The COVID-19 Vaccine Strategy Working Group is also negotiating with other pharmaceutical companies to provide vaccines. In addition, the government has set up a $66.3 million fund to support a COVID-19 vaccination program once the vaccine is ready. [348] On the 17th. In April, Prime Minister Ardern announced that she would not introduce a capital gains tax, highlighting disagreements between coalition parties over the introduction of such a tax. The Prime Minister promised that, under her leadership, the capital gains tax would not be introduced in the future. Treasury Secretary Robertson said the government would always consider options to combat land speculation, land banking and vacant land. Opposition Leader Bridges criticized the capital gains tax debate for wasting taxpayers` money and undermining business and investor confidence.

[99] [100] [101] [102] One of the party`s former MPs expressed her displeasure today, calling the deal “a sad day for the party” after it was approved by the Greens. The Labour leader says the cooperation agreement with the Greens means the two parties can agree not to get along. 11 Confidentiality applies to all Cabinet documents or other briefings provided to the Oder by the Green Party or when the Labour or Green Party participates in consultations on legislative, political or budgetary matters, unless otherwise agreed. Information for which confidential access is granted should not be used for the purpose of public disagreement on matters where the parties have “agreed to settle a disagreement” or when ministers are discussing matters outside their jurisdiction. On the 17th. In October, Labour won the 2020 general election in a landslide victory, winning 50% of the vote and 65 seats in the House of Representatives, the first time in the current MMP system that a party has won enough seats to govern without a coalition or confidence and supply agreement. [349] [3] 22As provided for in the Memorandum of Understanding, political consultations must take place between the responsible Minister and the spokesperson concerned in areas of cooperation or other agreed matters. This will be done during the first phase of policy development, including access to relevant documents and bills, the development of Cabinet documents, and public communication of policies in recognition of the Role of the Green Party. On 26 June 2019, the Primary School Teachers` Union of the New Zealand Institute of Education voted to adopt the government`s collective agreement, worth NZ$1.5 billion. This collective agreement contains a new uniform salary scale that will restore parity throughout the public education sector. Key provisions include an 18.5% increase in the base salaries of all teachers by July 2021 and the possibility that teachers in T3+, T4 and T5 will be entitled to a new maximum salary of NZ$90,000. While primary school teachers voted to accept the government`s offer, school principals rejected the offer, demanding better wages and working conditions.

[125] [126] [127] On June 28, 2019, the Secondary Teachers` Union, the Post-Primary Teachers` Association, voted by a 65% majority in favour of the government`s wage offer, which included a lump sum of NZ$1,500 and a 3% pay increase in July and the next three years. [128] [129] [130] The Labour leader`s offer gave the Greens the opportunity to continue their alliance for the next three years. “On election night, I said I wanted to govern for all New Zealanders and reach the broadest possible consensus on key issues,” Ardern said. “That`s what this agreement does. After long negotiations, the Greens agreed on 31st October to conclude a cooperation agreement with the Labour Party. Under this intergovernmental agreement, Co-Chair James Shaw would remain Minister of Climate Change and become Deputy Minister of the Environment, while Co-Chair Marama Davidson would become Minister of Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention and Deputy Minister of Housing. In addition, the Greens would chair two special committees, the details of which are due to be finalised on 2 November. [needs to be updated] In a Zoom call, 85% of the Green Party`s 150 delegates voted in favour of the cooperation agreement with Labour.

[352] [353] On July 26, kindergarten teachers at the New Zealand Educational Institute voted to adopt an agreement with the Ministry of Education that will increase the remuneration of early childhood teachers to the level of primary and secondary school teachers. Early childhood teachers will receive a salary increase of at least 18.5% until July 2020, NZEI members will receive a lump sum of NZ$1,500 and an increase in head and head teacher allowances. [139] [140] 3.1The agreement is based on good faith, mutual respect and a constructive working relationship, addressing all issues of differentiation from areas of cooperation on the basis of “no surprises”; Jacinda Ardern and MP Kelvin Davis, along with Green co-chairs James Shaw and Marama Davidson, have signed a cooperation agreement that grants the Greens ministerial portfolios outside the cabinet. After signing the deal in the hive this morning, Shaw called it a “win-win situation” for both parties. “The deal obliges the Greens not to oppose confidence and to provide votes and support the government on procedural motions,” Ardern said. The agreement contains few policy details, but a commitment to work together on child poverty, climate change and the environment. Coalitions are common in New Zealand, which changed the electoral system in 1996 to give smaller parties a larger role. This agreement is not a formal coalition, with Labour calling it a “cooperation agreement”. In mid-January 2019, Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford admitted that the government could not meet its target of building 1,000 KiwiBuild homes by July 1, with only 33 homes under construction as of Jan. 23. The minister estimated that the government could only build 300 houses by July 1.

[72] [73] The same month, it was reported that KiwiBuild chief Stephen Barclay resigned after disagreements with the Housing Minister and criticism of his leadership and management by housing and urban development staff. Barclay announced that it was filing a “suit for constructive dismissal” against the ministry for violating his privacy. [74] [75] [76] [77] This is not a confidence and supply agreement, and it is certainly not a coalition. So what are the implications of today`s agreement for each side and its voters? Under the deal, the Greens must support the government`s line on the decisions of their portfolios, but are otherwise free to take a position other than Labour. .