Texto Argumentativo De La Legalizacion De Las Drogas

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RED IN FAVOR By legalizing drugs, we automatically increase drug addiction and turn narcos into honest businessmen. If the drug is legalized, then there will be more drugs for everyone. And we know that the drug that most affects the brain is harmful and therefore the behavior of the person (becomes stupid) and turns the addict into a potential aggressor, delinquent or cause of accidents, who inherits from his children affects of all kinds. And in the security aspect. With regard to the healing effects of marijuana and its companions±, I believe that the argument that there are better and more effective drugs than©these, without the dangers they present, is valid. I understand that the success©of the rehabilitation of amphetamine addicts is very small, almost impossible. Hello today, I will talk about drugs, first of all it is important to clarify the term. According to the RAE dictionary, the drug is any “mineral, vegetable or animal substance used in medicine, industry or the visual arts”. It is a very broad and vague concept. One could say that a drug in itself is not bad, what could happen is that some drugs have the ability to harm the human organism. For a long time, drugs are a problem that is still used by. The fact that prohibition does not prevent the use of illicit drugs shows that the current policy is not working. It would be better to use the money saved by ending prohibition to provide more rehabilitation centers for drug addicts and more drug education.

In the United States, 2006 figures estimate that 14.4% of the population over the age of 12± used illegal drugs in ± year, or more than 35 million people. In the UK, the number was slightly lower: 10% of the population was between 16 and 59±, which equates to almost 3.2 million people. Legalization of drugs Paola Carrizales 292729 Karen Quiroga 293752 Andrea Garza 305706 ethical dilemmas for young people Introduction The legalization of drugs is a very controversial topic in Mexico and around the world. Many think it would improve the situation, but many others believe it would only get worse, including us. In this document, we will write down the reasons and arguments why we are against the legalization of drugs and the reason for our position, because we believe that we will return them. Socio-economic The legalization of drugs. One issue that has been discussed in our country in recent days is the legalization of drugs not only in Mexico, but throughout the continent. There are many points to analyze about the legalization of drugs, because the acceptance or not will have a great impact on the society and economy of the country. The government has a duty to prevent us from harming ourselves, so it`s drug prohibition because it`s called.

IS THE CRIMINALIZATION OR LEGALIZATION OF DRUGS REALLY THE PROBLEM WE NEED TO SOLVE? The issue of drug legalization in Colombia has sparked countless debates and views between sectors that are in favor and those that are against. Everyone defends and argues their theories on the basis of different economic, legal and social principles, but achieving communication between two parties who claim to be right is an impossible task. Those that are found. Economic aspects that could lead to the legalization of drugs in Venezuela In our country, the prohibition of drugs has negative consequences for society, since the government has tried to fight them head-on, which has led to a high rate of illegal trade in these substances inside and outside the country. to become one of the countries with the highest drug use and trafficking, so the legalization of these substances could be a solution. â Prohibition reduces drug use. If you accept that drugs are harmful to society and people, prohibition generates benefits by reducing these harmful effects. On the contrary, if prohibition is eliminated, drug use will increase with the corresponding harmful effects.

In addition, people may be encouraged to take more dangerous medications. Children± can become drug users at an earlier age with significant health effects. .