What Are the Requirements for a Twitch Partnership

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The Twitch Partner Guidelines contain a number of criteria that you must meet to be eligible for an application. Even if you meet these requirements, Twitch evaluates all aspects of your channel and decides if you deserve to become a Twitch partner in a matter of days. That is, you do not automatically become a partner. If you`re persistent with your channel and care about your community, the Twitch Partner Program itself is worth it, but it doesn`t hurt to learn more about the benefits of leveling up on the platform. Communicate with your family and friends, that`s what you want to do. Invite them to come and press the Follow button to spread the word. Most people “don`t understand”, they don`t need to understand to support your passion anyway. If you meet the Twitch partner requirements above, you will not receive an automatic status. There is no set duration, but you must meet the criteria within one of the 30-day periods. Once your eligibility is confirmed, you will see the “Apply” button on your success dashboard. Twitch will usually contact applicants within 7 business days with their decision after submission.

Twitch looks at how often you stream and how long each stream lasts. You must keep the minimum number required for the partnership. To pave the way for partnership, you must first become a Twitch affiliate. It is very important to know that most people do not have immediate success. I set my initial goal for two to five years. Not only are you trying to improve the quality of your stream, but you`re also trying to improve your skills as a streamer. This partnership awaits you there, all you have to do is have enough passion and knowledge to get there. With the Twitch Partner Program, you can customize your channel to make viewers and subscribers feel at home.

Get actively involved in your community. Create a Discord server for your Twitch channel. Your community will be the backbone of your Twitch partnership proposal. Keep things positive and growing. Find new ways to include them in your channel`s activities, spread the word about them, and check back to learn more. If you`ve already qualified to be an affiliate, which you can check out here, you`re ready for the next step: becoming a Twitch affiliate. Understanding what you`re doing wrong and why Twitch is reluctant to accept your application is part of growing your channel to the next level, so take it as a learning experience! Once you have met the minimum channel requirements to meet the Twitch Partner Program, you can apply through the platform. You do not automatically receive partner status as you received it. Be professional and thorough in how you think you deserve the status. Have your request reviewed by a friend (or other streamer) before submitting it.

The Twitch Partner Program is for those who are engaged in streaming and are ready to leave the affiliate. Twitch partners are creators who stream a variety of content, from games, music, talk shows, art, to almost anything you can imagine. If you enjoy sharing what you do with a live community and have built a large audience on Twitch or other services, we want to hear from you! To learn more about how to grow your channel on Twitch, visit the Twitch Creator Camp. Before you do the math and find out that you cannot become a partner, you should know that you must meet these 3 requirements within the same 30-day period. What are the platform`s requirements to become a Twitch Partner? No, the Partner Program has nothing to do with being a Twitch employee, nor does it offer you any additional benefits to which they are entitled, such as . B health insurance. Given what we have already discussed, it takes a lot of effort, commitment and perseverance to work towards partner status. Notably, the number of slots available in the program is currently infinite. However, because it`s at Twitch`s discretion to accept or decline the app, they dig deeper into things like the quality of the content, the ability to delight audiences, the frequency of streams beyond the minimum requirements, and your overall ability to stand out from the crowd. Now that you know what a Twitch partner is, what are the benefits for your streaming? Only members selected by Twitch will be able to access it after analyzing, meeting the requirements and already affiliated with the platform. 👾 Twitch Partners: www.twitch.tv/kismet🐲 leader and founder of one of the oldest gaming guilds “Kismet, Ring of Destiny” www.kismetbp.com/ To be eligible for the affiliate program, you must meet the Twitch affiliate requirements for the above achievements within the last 30 days. (A check mark appears next to the achievements you have completed within the required time window.) Remember that you just clicked on “New Game” to learn what you want to do in life.

There will be a lot of ups and downs. Being a part-time or full-time streamer isn`t as easy as it sounds, but I`ll give you some Kismet tips to speed you up along the way. To stay motivated, break down your big Twitch goals into smaller steps. Trying to reach 10 or 20 simultaneous subscribers seems much less difficult than trying 75. Give yourself small rewards when you reach each of them and celebrate these milestones with your community. Your viewers will rally behind you and push you down the path of partnership. It`s your content that attracts new viewers and potentially builds a community over time. Here are some ways to improve your content on Twitch: If Twitch rejects your partnership request, take it easy. If it`s not clear why you were rejected, respond and politely ask them what steps they want to see before they get status. When they respond, thank them for your time and start working on their suggestions. When you reapply, be sure to show how you have improved in these actions.

You can meet these requirements through hard work. Find out if you are on the right track, in the Achievements section, where you need to fill in “The Path to the Partner”. This guide explains what a Twitch partner status is and how to become one. Twitch will consider the following when deciding whether or not to grant you partnership status on its platform: Put the effort into it or increase the overall quality of your channel. These include several things: you can make profits through ads that the feed itself can edit on the dashboard. Twitch partners can earn money by accepting subscriptions to their channels. There are four options: $4.99, $9.99, $24.99, and Twitch Prime. The latter is considering people supporting your channel through their paid Amazon Prime service. So how do you get 50 subscribers? First, play games you love! Then, get to know and attack people who are part of the same community as you. Have a consistent brand name for all your social media channels.

Interact with people on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other websites. Social media can get people to tap the Follow button so they can check you out the next time they start live. Partners, just like affiliates, can monetize their feed on the Twitch platform in several ways: use the tools to constantly iterate on your feed overlays, charts, and the quality of the presentation to your community. Add features and interactive elements that entertain you and connect you to your audience. Some interactive tools to explore are StreamElements Kappagen, HypeCup and Alertbox – give them a try! I suggest broadcasting for at least two hours each time. If you broadcast for at least two hours each time for 7 unique streams, that`s much more than enough with more than 800 minutes in 30 days. Keeping track of your situation can be time-consuming, but StreamElements feed reports are sent to your email after each stream, eliminating any issues associated with it. Streamers who complete Path to Partner Success in your achievement dashboard will unlock a button to request a partnership and get priority to review their application.

Please note that the Path to Partner Success lists the minimum criteria we look for in potential partners and that their completion is not a guarantee of partnership. Twitch will look at your engagement, audio and visual quality, overall branding, and the uniqueness of your channel. Twitch adds value to members of its affiliate program in a variety of ways. Let`s break it down based on how I met each of these criteria. These are the main points that highlight the difference between the Twitch partner and the affiliate. Bits are virtual coins that Twitch users buy to send cheers to your channel. Do you want all the metrics in your channel to be in order? These are virtual animated emoticons that your viewers can buy in twitch chat and support you by cheering you on with the songs. The latter is the most commonly used feature by users that generates revenue for your channel. It was a long struggle for me personally, it took me more than two years to dream of being a streamer partner to achieve this great goal. It`s also important to know that the Twitch partnership is just the starting point for your professional streaming career. You have access to a priority support team.

If you have any issues or simply need to get an answer to a platform-related question, the partner`s support team will help you within 1-2 business days. .