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For more information about life history options and script options, see the sections of the website titled Transaction Point Checklists for the Life Story Option and the Scenario Option (which also applies to any other type of literary property that may be optional). The manufacturer can also extend the option for another period by making an additional option payment (e.g.B. second option period, third option period). This will be inserted in the option agreement when it is first drafted. Typically, the initial option payment is applied to the purchase price, while subsequent renewal option payments are not applied to the purchase price. We also need to rethink the ancillary rights we talked about earlier. When you create a spin-off of your project, the author also wants a share of these profits. The net profit sharing of these ancillary projects is generally less than the net profit sharing of the original. It is important to reach agreement on this from the outset. The same goes for any other ancillary rights you acquire, as most writers insist on getting a share of all side projects. Find the book or script you want to choose. If you are trying to choose a book, you should receive a “request for abandonment” from the publisher confirming that they have no objection to your project. Ask a lawyer to verify the resignation request for you.

If you`re trying to choose a script, the author may want to publish it as a book later. That`s fine – just inform your lawyer of the screenwriter`s plans, as the option agreement “reserves” these rights to the screenwriter. The option provides for the provisions triggered by the purchase of the coin when the producer has pooled its investors and money. Sometimes a piece is commissioned by a producing organization, and in this case, the author will not work “on the specification”, and the concept of an option will not arise. The option should be aware of the termination and revocation of rights if the manufacturer decides not to acquire the rights within the specified time limits or to extend the option. In addition, it would be advantageous for the author if the language of the contract required an automatic return of rights to the author if the adaptation was not created within a certain number of years. The third element is the amount of money the screenwriter receives from the producer or studio in case the project is turned into a feature film. This is called the “purchase price”. Is it $50,000, $100,000 or more? Sometimes the purchase price is calculated on a sliding scale as a percentage of the budget, so the budget of the film increases, the purchase price also increases. All these numbers can be very different, but everything is negotiated in advance in the agreement, so all parties are on the same page.

Purchase price: The largest payment due to the owner if the buyer exercises the option (decides to buy). Under the purchase agreement, the author agrees that if the author negotiates an agreement with a buyer for the dramatic rights, the author will bind the producer to the project during these negotiations. The producer will usually negotiate separately with the buyer. Typically, the purchase contract also includes language to prevent the author from bypassing the producer and creating an agreement directly with the buyer once interest in a project has been demonstrated. This script option agreement template is a contract that allows a producer or studio to acquire the film rights to an author`s script for a certain period of time, with the aim of turning it into a film. There are three main elements of an option agreement that an author needs to be aware of. By Jonathan Treisman Option Period: The exclusive period available to the buyer to exercise the option. While the usual way to take control of the rights of the story is the option agreement, a trend among producers is to use a new legal vehicle to put an author`s creative rights on hold. Enter the right phase – the purchase contract. Join more than 800,000 creatives and film, television and digital professionals who use Stage32.com to network, find work and learn. Follow our CEO @RBwalksintoabar It`s impossible to talk about anything in the film industry without mentioning the credits! Typically, a book author receives a credit “based on a story of” and screenwriters receive a loan “written by”.

If you have agreed on an advisory role for the author, the loan he will receive for this must also be agreed. In order to avoid complications in the subsequent course, the loan should always be agreed in advance with the business conditions of the company. As a rule, the purchase contract is negotiated in parallel with the option contract. Budgets are producers` worst nightmares. If producers believe a project has potential, they need to be sure of the cost of the project, including the cost of the option and the purchase of the rights to history. The last thing producers want when they make a film is large, unforeseen costs that increase expenses and blow up their budgets. An option contract sets an “option period” or a period of time given to a producer or studio to start producing the project. .