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They have school districts that have to designate additional insureds. With the increase in accidents, distracted driving, as well as the need to monitor the behavior of bus students, the use of camera systems in school buses is widespread. The type of cameras ranges from very simple systems to detailed systems with 4 cameras placed in different areas of the school bus. Cameras can be exposed to theft or damage caused by an accident. Our policy provides automatic coverage against physical damage and theft for camera systems. As a Keystone partner, we have access to a customized insurance program for school bus operators based on years of industry expertise. Since 1995, Keystone`s exclusive school bus insurance program has provided members with the best possible combination of coverage, services and highly competitive pricing. “MPS` statement incorrectly indicates the school year in which they paid the bus operators. MPS compensated bus operators for 60% of contracts at the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

For the 2020-2021 school year, MPS did not pay anything to the contract bus companies during their closure. At a special meeting of the mps school committee on Thursday night, David Solik-Fifarek, director of business and transport services, said they needed 360° buses and had now fallen to around 300. Solik-Fifarek said they had regularly communicated with the bus drivers of each of the companies as it was part of the reopening process. MILWAUKEE (AP) — Milwaukee Public Schools says it paid its bus operators for the pandemic school year after claiming the companies did not receive the funds needed to keep drivers. As a Keystone agency, we have access to a customized insurance program for school bus operators. We understand the needs of school bus operators and know how to translate those needs into an appropriate coverage and risk management program. At an MPS school board meeting on March 23, MPS Superintendent Dr. Keith Posley told council he needed a specific date to send students back to class so it could let bus companies know. The council then voted to bring back the first group of students on April 14. School districts now require coverage for sexual misconduct in school contracts, as claims are more common today than ever. Cell phones, cell phone cameras, and social media offer potential new exposures to bullying.

NSTA works closely with members of our national associations and affiliated states to protect the interests of the school bus industry across the country. Below is a list of our affiliates and members. Don`t have a government agency? Call the NSTA main office to learn more about the options available to contractors in your state! On Wednesday, TMJ4 News reported that an email from a Milwaukee public school principal indicates that more than 80 school buses and more than 160 school bus routes were canceled on the first day of personal learning in 13 months. Keystone has over 20 years of industry expertise in the private school space. Our agents know what questions to ask about your business to ensure your insurance needs are covered. Our carriers have developed auto forms suitable for school buses, and we are experts in state or federal insurance filings. We offer higher limits or environmental liability when you need it. Not all programs have these benefits – or this expertise. Our program does not offer any limitations on bus coverage.

We work with contractors to develop emergency evacuation plans and how to better protect buses parked overnight. The executive director said its members included six MPS bus operators. A knowledge and skills testing event that provides school bus drivers with the opportunity to demonstrate their professionalism, skills and commitment to student transportation. California School Transportation Association (CASTO)Sacramento, CARon Kinney916-449-3960Connecticut School Transportation Association (COSTA)Newington, CT860-953-2782Donna LegaultMaryland School Bus Contractors (MSBCA)Finksburg, MD410-876-6580Erin Appel, J.D. . . Three hours of invaluable training and networking take place once a year at five locations. Our program provides ongoing training opportunities for drivers to improve their safety knowledge, which can help mitigate damage. Training topics include defensive driving, accident response, pre/follow-up exams and crisis management.

School districts automatically receive additional insurance status for auto and liability as long as there is a written contract. This is at no extra cost. Your policies do not need to be supported as this is an advantage for our program. Our program offers coverage for buses equipped for students with disabilities. Our program offers specific safety training solutions to help drivers learn how to use unique bus features such as elevators. We can conduct a strategic review of your operations to detect potential hazards and develop safety-related safety training to improve results in the event of a loss. After dry raids on Monday and Tuesday, he said about five to ten drivers for each terminal who had engaged by phone had indicated that they would not return, so they had to regroup. “There`s a difference between maintaining regular communication and bringing it back,” Solik-Fifarek said. “And what happened last week is that I would say we expected a commitment of about 80 percent, we probably got 60 to 70 percent retention from drivers. And again, I think it`s because of the long layoff.

“We`ll do well when it comes to the next group of people,” Solik-Fifarek said. A statement from the Wisconsin School Bus Association states: Missouri School Bus Contractors Association (MSBCA)Perryville, MO800-287-0056Donnie Fowler New Jersey School Bus Contractors Association (NJSBCA)Sommerville, NJEvie WillsNew York School Bus Contractors Association (NYSBCA)Latham, NY518-220-9905 Tammy Mortier Pennsylvania School Bus Association (PSBA)Lansdale, PA717-961-9752Ryan Dellinger More than 250 people gather to network, New equipment and consumables at Student Transportation of America told TMJ4 News on Thursday that the county had officially responded to the amended contract proposal on April 7. . An MPS spokesman released the statement Friday: Minnesota School Bus Operators (MSBOA) Annandale, MN320-274-8313Shelly Jonas Solik-Fifarek said he was confident the bus issues have been resolved and there will be no more problems next week as more students return. Misconduct and sexual abuse are part of our liability insurance and can be purchased with limits of $250,000, $500,000 or $1,000,000. Coverage is very competitive in price and may include coverage for mental or physical injuries. We also provide peer-to-peer bullying reports for incidents that occur between students… Unfortunately, accidents do occur. You need a partner to help you through the claims process. Keystone is proud to be the only insurance program supported by the Pennsylvania School Bus Association (PSBA) and a provider to the National School Transportation Association (NSTA).

We have a special relationship with Yellow Bus Nation. We are members of the New York School Bus Contractors Association (NYSBCA), the Missouri School Bus Contractors Association (MSBCA), the Minnesota School Bus Operators Association (MSBOA), the Wisconsin School Bus Association (Wi-SBA) and the New Jersey School Bus Contactors Association (NJSBCA). School Transportation Association of Massachusetts (STAM)East Bridgewater, MA508-378-0440Tom Hamilton drivers must constantly pay attention to safety when loading, unloading and transporting students and perform several checks to ensure that students get on and off the bus and get to their destination safely. . They have high-quality cameras and telematics that are firmly attached to your vehicle. If you are not currently working with an agent who has expertise in this area, you may not have coverage or your policy may not be subject to unreasonable restrictions. Our program provides a risk and fleet control specialist who understands the challenges your business faces and will work with you and our carrier to advocate for improved loss outcomes. You invest a lot of money in the maintenance and modernization of your fleet. You need complete protection from hazards such as hail, fire, flooding and vandalism, especially if your buses are parked overnight. The answer came after the Wisconsin School Bus Association told TMJ4 News that it and several bus companies had warned MPS since last fall that there would be a shortage of drivers if the county did not pay the companies. They also say that the MPS statement is inaccurate.

You invest a lot in your fleet. Buses with unique features, including elevators or belts for people with disabilities, pose a unique risk. .